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Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or body. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more and more men and women are suffering from hair loss than before. They estimate that at any given time 30 million women and men in the USA are affected by some form of hair loss during their lifetime.

Luckily, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a long history of treating hair loss in both men and women. According to the TCM principles, the growth and development of hair depends on proper functioning of qi and blood that is governed by the Kidney and Liver organ-meridian systems. The Liver organ-meridian governs hair health and is supported energetically by its connection with the Kidney, which influences the growth of all body cells, including hair. The Liver blood nourishes the hair follicle and the hair itself is seen as an extension of blood. Acupuncture can improve the flow of qi and blood in the scalp and can help hair to regrow and Chinese herbs can nourish qi and blood to stop more hair from falling out.

We use traditional Chinese medicine to help our patients who are suffering from hair loss. Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs not only help in preventing further hair loss from occurring but also support future regrowth.

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