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Pain management
I wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Wang for being so friendly and professional. When I arrived at your office I was in quite a bit of pain and nearly immobile. Although a bit skeptical, I chose to undergo Chinese Medicine to help relieve the pain. Much to my surprise and delight, the treatment worked after the first session. I slept comfortably for the first time. My rich life has returned to normal. Thank you very much!
------------------- Michelle
Bell's palsy
My right face was paralyzed and completely deviated to the left side. I could not move the right side of my face, my right eye could not open and close, dust could easily go inside my eye; it was hurting me a lot, and was causing a lot of tears. It was a terrible time for me. In the beginning I went to my doctor, He give me some Antibiotics, Vitamins and Prednisone, I did not feel any improvement. I came to Dr. Wang five days after I had these problems. It was really magic, I felt better after each treatment. Now my all the symptoms and signs have been relieved. I feel that everything is normal.
------------------- Brown
Asthma and Allergies
I suffered with asthma and allergies most of my life. I could not be out in the night air or enjoy flowers and plants in my home. After Chinese acupuncture treatments from Dr. Wang, I can bring in flowering plants from out doors, into my house and have had no reaction to them. I owe my good health today to Dr. Wang's healing skills and would recommend her to anyone.
 -------------------- Mary
Pain Free
I have had a history of bursitis over 10 years. One day while doing daily chores, my bursitis flared up. I was unable to move my right arm. I could not even complete the simplest daily activities such as comb my hair or hold up a glass of water. The pain lasted 24 hours a day and was excruciating. My friend referred me to Dr. Wang. Just only one treatment, the pain went away and I regained a full range of motion. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Wang --- she is a miracle worker!
------------------- Emily
Before acupuncture treatments, I had smoked cigarettes about 2 packs a day for many years. It really degraded my health. I had tried many different means to quit smoking, but never succeeded. I decided to try acupuncture treatment. Next morning, I woke up. After shower, I went to kitchen to have breakfast. And then I was ready to go to work. Oh, God! I did forget to smoke during my breakfast I used to before. After acupuncture treatments, I have quitted smoking completely. Now I have no any desire for smoking.
------------------- Davis
Frequent Urination
I got up more than six times per night to urinate. This condition not only caused me to lose countless hours of sleep, but my day-time life enjoyment deteriorated significantly from lack of sleep and emotional distress. My friend suggested I try acupuncture to help relieve my symptoms. I must say, that I was a bit skeptical at first; because I had spent numerous hours with various urologists and had previously taken prescription medication for my symptoms with very little relief. After Chinese acupuncture treatments, I need to get up no more than 3 times every night now, which was far better than the results I was receiving with Detrol. I would recommend Chinese acupuncture as the first choice of treatment for frequent urination.
------------------- Susan
Depression and Chronic Headaches
Dr. Wang's acupuncture treatments have been extremely helpful in treating my anxiety, depression and chronic headaches. Her treatments for my headaches have been especially beneficial. I have been able to go off my headache medications, many of which had uncomfortable side effects, such as drowsiness and trembling. As a result of acupuncture treatment, I have been able to engage in many more daily activities and am now able to work full time, as opposed to part-time. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Wang for helping to alleviate them.
------------------- Dorothy
Pain Relief
A couple of years ago I found myself suffering from acute back, and knee pain. I visited many doctors and tried different kinds of traditional medicines. But they only masked the pain and the pain always returned. My friend referred me to Dr. Wang. Having met and received treatment from Dr. Wang has opened my eyes and mind to Chinese medicine. Dr. Wang is good at what she does. After several acupuncture treatments, the pain was gone completely.  Thank you, Dr. Wang, for a job well done.
------------------- Emma
I have suffered from depression, stress, and anxiety for over 4 years. With medicine and psychiatrist, so far, only Dr. Wang has been able to help me.
-------------------- Patricia
I have had chronic headaches for over 4 years. The headaches were severe and constant to the degree that I was unable to do normal daily activities. I went to see a neurologist. After a series of tests, the cause of my severe headaches remained unknown. I was taking all kinds of pain medication, but the headaches continued to get worse. Since nothing was working to relieve my headaches, I decided to see Dr. Wang. After Chinese Acupuncture treatments, I feel like a new person. I'm blessed to have found Dr. Wang.
 ------------------- Amelia
Back Pain
Dr. Wang is very graded and confident and combined with her excellent clinical skills.  Dr. Wang made my treatments very comfortable.  Years of back pain are gone and my life is now very enjoyable.
-------------------- Maria
 My toothaches kill me whenever it attacks. I used Dr. Wang's acupuncture once. Everything is ok now. Dr. Wang really made a big difference for me.
-------------------- Jennifer
Pain Relief
I want to thank you for the difference the acupuncture treatment along with herbal treatment made.  I would not have believed I could feel so much better so quickly.  I will be returning before too long for another treatment.   I found myself amazed.  The cane I bought to help me with balance now sits in the corner as I have no need for it.  And circulation was restored to feet. The discomfort I was having in my abdomen disappeared also.  Neck pain from arthritis has all but gone too.  All I can say is, thank you for your expertise and kindness.
-------------------- Pat
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