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Digestive problems are extremely common. In the US alone about 60 to 70 million people are affected. It is easiest to point our finger at a combination of a high-sugar and high-fat diet, stress, and large portion sizes. If we eat this way repeatedly, more serious conditions develop other than just an over-full or indigestion feeling. Chronic heartburn and acid reflux, constipation and in some cases diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and food allergies have become very common. These digestive symptoms can make us miserable and completely deprive us of the previous enjoyment eating provided.  If these conditions are not addressed through a change in diet and regular internal cleansing, they can eventually lead to more serious health conditions. While we are overwhelmed with over the counter medications to treat uncomfortable digestive symptoms, there are often more serious underlying mechanisms causing the continued distress. A stomach can consistently produce too much acid, the motility of the digestive tract can become chronically hyper or lazy and pain from unidentifiable sources can be difficult to alleviate.
Whatever the cause, acupuncture is an effective treatment method for any digestive disorder. In Chinese medicine, digestion is ruled by the Spleen. When the Spleen, and its Yang partner the Stomach, function optimally, digestion happens as it should. Acupuncture is a drug-free way to help prevent disease and restore health. It strengthens the digestive system in a natural way and brings the body into balance. If you would like to pursue acupuncture & Chinese herbal treatment or information, please contact Xiaoyan.
Richmond Acupuncture Clinic and Wellness Center in VA