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Infertility is a common disease. It affects about 6.1 million American men and women, which represents about 1 in 7 couples in their childbearing years.
Infertility occurs equally in women and men. Male factors and female factors each account for about a third of infertility problems. The remaining third are either a combination of male and female factors or are unexplained.
A woman's fertility decreases with age, especially after age 35. A healthy 30-year-old woman has about a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month, whereas a 40-year-old woman's chances drop to about 5% a month. 
Common causes of male infertility are oligospermia/azospermia (low or absent sperm production) asthenospermia (impaired motility) and teratospermia (abnormal morphology).
Most common female causes are ovulation disorders (such as PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and blocked fallopian tubes (caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis). Uterine problems, such as fibroids, can cause infertility, but are more often associated with miscarriage.
Less than 5% of infertile couples are treated with more sophisticated procedures known as assisted reproductive technologies (ART).  In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most commonly used ART procedure.
The average cost of an IVF cycle in the U.S. is ,400, according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. This price will vary depending on where you live, the amount of medications you're required to take, the number of IVF cycles you undergo, and the amount your insurance company will pay toward the procedure.
The success rate of IVF clinics depends on a number of factors including patient characteristics and treatment approaches. It is also important to realize that pregnancy rates do not equate to live birth rates. In the United States, the live birth rate for each IVF cycle started is approximately:
30 to 35% for women under age 35
25% for women ages 35 to 37
15 to 20% for women ages 38 to 40
6 to 10% for women ages over 40
The success rates of individual clinics are published on the web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But now you can increase your chances of IVF success with acupuncture. Acupuncture can increase IVF success by 65%. The remarkable success rate occurred across seven acupuncture trials involving 1,366 women. Results are published in the February 2008 issue of the British Medical Journal.
Traditional Chinese medicine, which usually comprises of the use of herbs and acupuncture, offers a natural approach to treating infertility by focusing on enhancing the quality of eggs, sperm, endometrial lining and cervical fluid as well as other sexual health problems such as impotence or lack of libido. Traditional Chinese medicine can be used alone or as an adjunct to other fertility enhancement procedures and can be employed at any stage of the fertility process, including during an IVF cycle. So whether you’ve already had failed IUI or IVF cycles, would like some extra help to complement assisted fertility treatment or are simply looking for a more natural approach, we can help you.


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