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Chinese medicine theory recognizes four main pathological factors of stroke: wind, fire, phlegm and stasis. There are also considered to be four leading contributing factors to stroke, related to lifestyle: emotional stress, overwork, poor diet and excessive sexual activity. Any of the following lifestyle factors, experienced over a period of years, could result in a stroke: working long hours under stressful conditions without adequate rest; physical overwork, including excessive, strenuous sports activities; emotional strain; irregular eating habits; excessive consumption of fats, dairy products, greasy or fried foods, sugar, or alcohol; excessive sexual activity. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these choices weaken the kidney and the spleen, creating deficiencies of Qi, blood, and yin. These deficiencies cause the body to be overwhelmed by wind, phlegm, fire and stasis. This results in stroke-related patterns such as wind in the meridians, liver wind, liver yang rising, stasis of Qi or blood, or phlegm combining with fire. These chronic weaknesses in the body’s energy movements eventually block the flow of blood through the brain. To treat stroke, the goal of a TCM practitioner is to eliminate the phlegm, remove blood stasis, tonify the kidney and induce resuscitation.

TCM treatments generally used for stroke patients include acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture can improve motor function and provide an effective treatment for assisting with stroke recovery. Chinese herbs also can help with circulation to the brain to help alleviate symptoms and restore functioning. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can offer hope to those who have suffered from disabilities and pain caused by a stroke by helping the patient recover and regain use of disabled parts of the body, reduce pain and depression, improve blood flow to the brain, and improve memory and speech.

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