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Back pain
I suffered from severe back pain for many months and no other standard treatment methods were helping. Then I found Dr. Wang and she gave me hope. After acupuncture treatments, now I am living a normal life again. Dr. Wang has put my life back to where it used to be and I will be forever grateful to her.
------------------ Carol
Frequent respiratory problems plagued me for over a year. I was on numerous antibiotics and other medications including prednisone and steroid inhalers for my asthma. My breathing had become labored. I couldn't even go up or down the stairs in my home. I never wanted to go out with my husband and my children worried about me all the time. After acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, I am no longer taking my medication and feel better than I have in years.
------------------ Helen

I can't thank you enough for a new feeling of well-being. My first treatment brought relief. It is great waking up every morning without a headache. Thank you for taking the pain and medicine out of my life. Life is great! I highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone.
------------------ Carolyn
Tennis elbow pain & shoulder pain
I am 70 years old in good health but had a nagging tennis elbow pain and shoulder pain in my right arm. It was keeping me awake at night. After acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, the pain was gone. She is a warm, caring and wonderful Doctor. I am really glad I found her.
------------------ Patricia
Back and leg pains
I have been treated for back and leg pain for twelve years, often using a walker and always using my cane. My tolerance for standing still or walking without pain was perhaps two to three minutes before I needed to sit for a while to be able to start again. I have had sets of cortisone shots and pain pills. None of these were very effective. The decision was surgery, which scared me. My friend referred me to Dr. Wang who cured him of severe migraine headaches. After a couple of acupuncture treatments, I am walking further than before and with less pain. Thank you, Dr. Wang!!!
------------------ Jennifer
High blood pressure
I had been seeing my regular physician for over 3 years about my high blood pressure. Even though I took the same medicine for three years, my blood pressure was still exceptionally high. Upon recommendation from some friends I decided to give acupuncture a try. After several acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, my blood pressure has indeed gone down to a manageable level! My only regret is that I didn’t come to her sooner!
------------------ Amy
Back and shoulder pains, headaches
For years I have suffered from back pain and shoulder pain, and terrific headaches. I have spent hundreds of dollars on doctors and chiropractors who could do nothing for me, I even had an operation on my shoulder that was supposed to help relieve the pain, but it did no good - in fact, worsened it. After acupuncture treatments from Dr. Wang, I am completely free of pain and headaches for the first time in years! I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I feel like a new person! Thank you!
------------------ Donna
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
I have been dealing with irritable bowel syndrome over 5 years. I went through a number of prescription drugs with no success. After years of no improvement in my condition, I decided to try acupuncture therapy. After acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, my IBS symptoms virtually disappear. I feel very fortunate to have found a doctor and a healer to help me. I highly recommend acupuncture for the treatment of IBS.
------------------ Grace
I first came to Chinese acupuncture clinic to get off of medications for allergies and congestion. After acupuncture treatments I am now free of symptoms and not taking medications. Acupuncture has worked great for me and is a great alternative to the medications I took for years.
------------------ Sara
Over the past five years I have tried almost every acne treatment available, from over the counter creams to chemical peels to prescribed creams and antibiotics. Some of treatments did provide some temporary relief. But nothing had truly cleared my face. After acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments, now my face is clear. There are no words that can express my gratitude to Dr. Wang. I highly recommend Dr. Wang for treatment.
---------------- Olivia
Depression, insomnia & headache
When I started seeing Dr. Wang I was being treated with the prescription drugs for depression, insomnia and headaches. I also had severe menstrual cramps and digestive problems. With the combined treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, my symptoms have either greatly improved or have been eliminated completely. I am off of all the medications. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Dr. Wang really is a healer.
---------------- Jane
Allergy, headaches & neck pain
Dr. Wang, thank you very much for helping me. Despite allergy shots, lots of antibiotics and various medications, I never had more than one month of any real relief. With your help and great expertise in acupuncture, I have not needed medication for clogged sinuses, puffy eyes, runny nose, severe headaches and neck pain. Thanks again for all you have done for me.
---------------- Ashley
Thank you for getting me well. I could enjoy this gorgeous weekend. I don't know exactly what you did. But it helped so much in stopping my cold from getting worse and taking off. Dr. Wang has done me wonders!
----------------- Sara
Dr. Wang's acupuncture treatment is the only thing that has helped my stomach. I was suspicious of acupuncture before I received my first acupuncture treatment but now I'm a believer that it can help any ailment.
----------------- Mary
Chronic urinary tract infections (UTI)
I have been suffering from chronic UTI for 2 years. I have visited numerous doctors but no one could give me permanent relief from my UTI symptoms. Before I came to see Dr. Wang, I took three different antibiotics. Antibiotics would help me for one or two weeks, but all the discomfort and frequent urination would come back. After Dr. Wang gave me acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments, I have been UTI free for three months now. I am so happy that finally I can stop my antibiotics. Thank you, Dr. Wang!
----------------- Emma
Gallbladder stones
I had so much pain and bloating due to the gallstones. I had an appointment for a surgery to remove the gallstones. But I decided to postpone the surgery and went to see Dr. Wang. She said to try acupuncture and herbal medicine first. As the treatment continues, I experienced many times that the stones were passing. After a couple of months, I completely recovered from the symptoms and recovered strong energy as well. My only regret is that I did not come to Dr. Wang earlier.
----------------- Alice
I had fibroids for 3 years and the pain was getting worse especially at night. After acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments by Dr. Wang, the pain went away. My fibroids started to be shrunk and shrunk, and finally all of them were disappeared thoroughly-proved by ultrasound exam. I cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Wang.
------------- Emily

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