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Remove Warts Naturally

I want to thank you for the wonderful herbal medicine you have developed. I have gone through many freezings at the doctors as well as expensive prescription creams...but they would never completely go away and even more would grow back! I started using Chinese herbal medicine and in 3 weeks my warts have gone! I never thought it could be that easy. I am so glad I decided to take a chance on Chinese herbal medicine. Thanks for healing me, Dr. Wang!

------------------- Josh

Pain Relief
I highly recommend Chinese acupuncture to anyone with chronic pain. I was involved in 2 car accidents within 4 years and suffered tremendous pain from whiplash injuries. I tried so many things for chronic pain.....codeine, morphine, MRI, CT scan, endured 3 years of weekly chiropractic treatments and physical therapy. I was worn out and becoming depressed from pain induced sleep deprivation and the inability to live a normal active life. A friend referred Dr. Wang. After Chinese acupuncture treatments, I am now almost 100% pain free. Dr. Wang has given me back my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang for anyone experiencing chronic pain.

------------------- Matthew

I've been suffering from pain on my shoulder and neck for at least a year. I had difficulty moving my neck. I had gone to MDs, who prescribed muscle relaxants and a chiropractor who adjusted me each time, which only helped a little. Since I received Chinese acupuncture treatment, I feel wonderful and pain free. Now I can relax again and enjoy life. Dr. Wang really knows how to help her patients to feel better. I highly recommend her to anyone.

------------------- Cristy

Chinese acupuncture has been a “God Send” in my life. After a car accident two years ago, I had many injuries and a lot of pain. Chinese Acupuncture gave me relief and healing that I found no other way. And I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Dr. Wang.
------------------- Linda


After countless fertility treatments, failed IVF procedures, and tearful Dr. consultations, I was about to give up on conceiving. I turned to you as a last resort, after my Dr. recommended using an egg donor, which is a path I did not want to take. I was very skeptical at first at the thought of taking herbs and doing acupuncture to help my fertility. How can something so simple help me to conceive? But after Dr. Wang’s treatments, I was pregnant! I was so surprised, and so thrilled. We truly believe that it was your treatments that brought me to a successful pregnancy. Thank you God for allowing me to find out about this treatment.

------------------- Carol


I came to Dr. Wang for allergies and headaches that were getting worse and worse. After Chinese acupuncture treatments, I did not have to take allergy medicine for the first time in more than 15 years. My headaches went away. In addition, I experienced several other unexpected benefits, such as less stress and more restful sleep. I highly recommend Chinese acupuncture and Dr. Wang.

-------------------- Lily

Every year my nose became stuffy and had hard time breathing during allergy season. My eyes were itchy and swelling to a point that I can’t even open my eyes. I took allergy medications with very little relief. After Chinese acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, I had no more itchy and swelling eyes. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Wang --- she is a miracle worker!

-------------------- Jane


I came to Dr. Wang for a severe acne problem. I had already seen many dermatologists and none of the treatments tried had worked. Upon treatments with Chinese herbs and acupuncture, my face has cleared up tremendously. Thank you Dr. Wang for healing me!

-------------------- Diane

Pain and Hot Flashes

I had been having shoulder pain and right knee pain for at least 4 months, and had decided I would have to live with it. I thought that it was just part of getting older, along with the loss of energy and "hot flashes". When I started having excruciating right wrist pain, my friend referred me to Dr. Wang. After acupuncture treatments, my pain and the "hot flashes" are gone and my energy level has greatly improved. I am truly grateful to Dr. Wang for everything she has done for me.

--------------------- Julia


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 12 years ago. Over the years, I have suffered the pain, discomfort and sleeping issues. I have tried hundreds of medications prescribe by the doctors, as well as trying most alternative medicine, hoping to relieve this pain. Some help for a few days, but most do nothing. So I went to Chinese Acupuncture. After acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang, the pain is almost gone. My flexibility is back and I am once again working in the garden. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who has any type of ongoing pain, but especially if you have Fibromyalgia.

------------------- Emily

I would like to thank you for the treatment I received when I had a painful shingle on my back. Since then I feel good. You showed me the miracle of Chinese needles. I will highly recommend Dr. Wang to everybody who needs your help.

--------------- Jessica


I suffered with migraines over three years. I have taken many medications to control pain and abort them, but the headaches have almost been eliminated with acupuncture. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Wang has been to me. Thanks for healing me, Dr. Wang!

-------------- Taylor

Neck and lower back pain

Acupuncture is a real blessing for me. I suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain. Dr. Wang’s expert care relieved me of all of my pain and now I am free of the pains that limited my life's activities. I’ll definitely recommend Dr. Wang for anyone experiencing chronic pain.

----------- Hailey


I had trouble getting pregnant over two years. Medical doctors said it was unexplained infertility and there was nothing wrong with either me or my husband. I did not want to get any IVF. So I came to Dr. Wang for Chinese herbs. After Chinese herbal treatments, I got pregnant. I was surprised and excited. I’ll highly recommend Dr. Wang.

------------ Molly

I suffered with chronic severe diarrhea. I did not get any relief from conventional medicines. Dr. Wang not only arrested my diarrhea, but also helped with my sleep problems. I no longer take medication for my digestive problems. My sleep has improved greatly. I highly recommend Dr. Wang.

----------- Mia

After suffering with both sinus problems and acid reflux for years, I found no relief with the many medications doctors had prescribed. In desperation I decided to try acupuncture. It really works! I would recommend Dr. Wang to anyone looking to solve any medical problem.

---------- Hailey

Breast cancer
I am going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. I was left with low energy and sleepless nights after my chemotherapy treatments. Dr. Wang helped boost my energy and relieve my insomnia. This is the best I have slept ever! I highly recommend Dr. Wang's acupuncture therapy.
---------- Patricia


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